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I suppose every generation has pet sacred cows. But no religious lot can compare with a secular society when it comes to the sheer number of sacred cows rambling around.

It’s to be expected when every man gets to make up his own moral cause.

I wouldn’t mind so much except that these cows demand sacrifices – human sacrifices – and so, to my mind, we are just as terrible as any society demanding human blood ever was.

That is why I write my little heart out each week.

I don’t like the sacred cows or the sacrifices they demand. I don’t like the high priests of secularism who claim the authority to tell us what we must do and say, what we must think and feel, and what punishment we must endure for breaking their religious laws.

They were at it again this week. Auckland Transport ran an advertisement that would have the religious lot of last century turning in their graves. It compared different forms of transport to different forms of sex. But it was the secularists who took offense this time because it was their sacred cow that was slighted.

What happened? Well, a lad in the ad kissed a bus and said “she was beautiful”. When he jumped off, he saw the exhaust pipe, and then said “then I realised she was a he”. “But I’m cool with that, it’s the 21st century.”

An Auckland man, who identifies as a woman, decided this was an abhorrent way to speak about transgendered people.

But here’s the strange part. He didn’t lay a complaint and leave the proper authorities to deal with it. He instead laid a complaint (from what I could understand), told the company it must change the advertisement, and then told the company it must issue a public apology.

And what sin was committed? Apparently, telling the truth.

For the advertisement implied that transgender women were not real women.

And such a sin is, apparently, so grave that justice may be taken into the hands of the sacred cow’s keeper and any penance they desire demanded.

After the mainstream media wrote an article about it, and at the time of writing this column, that protest had attracted 640 followers. That is one Aucklander who believes it was a vile enough advertisement to need action for every 1,500 Aucklanders who don’t. That is one person for every 6,250 Kiwis who didn’t think it was worth following.

But an article was still written, and the company still forced to change its advertisement.

Now here is the part that really concerns me. What this little incident, and many others like it, shows is that we are not allowed to speak the truth anymore – for the reason a transgendered woman is called a transgendered woman is because he is originally a man. Those women who were not originally men are simply called women. That’s the truth of the matter, but it is labelled offensive, and a lie.

And this religious censuring of speech comes at a very, very dear cost. I’ve written about this before, in fact. You see, research shows that for a transgendered person, changing gender identities, and even bodies, doesn’t heal anything or make them whole.

In fact, it shows there is a greater risk of depression, and suicide.

That’s why Johns Hopkins University stopped doing gender reassignment surgery (as I have also previously written). The risk was simply too great to justify its continuation.

These are very precious lives we are talking about. Lives that may be lost if we are not allowed to speak about the very real risks involved in thinking transgenderism is all about bodies and not about minds.

And I’m simply not willing to stand by and watch lives be sacrificed for a sacred cow.

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