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We’re moving to Zimbabwe!

July 2, 2018

It’s official people. On the 15th of August, at 11.00pm, Will, Kepler and I will set off on our craziest family adventure to date.

For the next five years we’ll be living in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe, Africa.

Here is a list FAQs for those of you wanting a little more info:

1.Why are you moving THERE?

Well, Zimbabwe is where Will grew up. He has always wanted to head home because he never stopped loving his country, and I knew that while I was dating him. Given that I grew up in Ivory Coast, West Africa (see our About Us page for dets), the idea didn’t entirely freak me out.

2. What will you do?

We are going to manage a lodge at one of the world’s up and coming tourist hotspots at Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe (see The Telegraph’s article, or this from, or just look up Lonley Planet calling it a “genuine bucket list destination” and “one of Africa’s blockbusters”). The lodge is called Shongwe Lookout, and it’s a new build project being financed by a couple of investors Zimbabwe-side.

You can read more about it on our Shongwe Lookout page.

3. Is it safe?

What is safe? You realise you could literally die at any second, right? Honestly, I’m not great at answering this question because I grew up in Africa, so the idea of snakes and malaria do not equate to instant death for me.

There are local doctor’s surgeries in town, and we will have international health insurance to make sure that if anything crops up we can pop into a private clinic (which ex pats in Zimbabwe have raved about to us), or head home.

4. No, I mean is it SAFE?

Ohhhh, you’re wondering if the locals are gun-toting maniacs waiting to kill people! I understand now. No, no they’re not. Vic Falls is, from our research, a fairly safe little town and even better, Zimbabwe is not loaded with old Russian guns like the more violent African countries. So car-jackings and murders and the like are not heard of.

BUT you do still have security fences around homes, with razor wire on top…to stop the elephants from breaking in and stealing your citrus or pool water during dry season!

5. What is the weather like?

Well, it gets hot. I won’t lie. Summer runs from September through to April, with average highs of 32-34°C and average lows of 15-19°C. Wet season hits two months into that period, and lasts for the remaining five months of summer. Winter, which happens to be dry season, runs from May to August, with average highs of 25-27°C and average lows of 7-10°C.

6. What about education?

Aha! I’m glad you asked! Victoria Falls (and Zimbabwe in general) happens to have an amazing education system. Our little fella will have a Montessori and a daycare attached to the local primary school to choose from. Private care arrangements are also an option. Then there’s Victoria Falls Primary School ,which attracts students from neighbouring countries, it’s THAT good.

7. So, are we allowed to visit you?

Yes! Basically, if we even remotely know you we’ll be treating you like our oldest, dearest friends. We’re moving away from a town with generations of history on my side, as well as family members from both sides of my family. A friendly face will be more than welcome – just make sure you book in advance. Our calendar is already full of visitors for the first six months!


4 thoughts on “We’re moving to Zimbabwe!


    Aroha mai, aroha atu



    *Jess Suisted* 027 332 4871


  2. Kerrie Manion says:

    Wow, sounds amazing. All the best for your adventures. We hope to be able to visit one day 😊


  3. Viki Johnson says:

    Although this actually sounds amazing and I now understand that you probably won’t die there, I’m really going to miss that cute little guy saying ‘roof’ and smiling at me. You do have a roof aye?? Feel free to post Video so I can watch him grow up! xxx


  4. Natalie Andrew says:

    So super excited to follow this adventure!


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