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New wheels Africa styles

August 24, 2018

One of the first jobs we had on landing in Harare was to find a new set of wheels.

I have to say Will outdid himself, thanks to the incredible Kestell taking a day out of his life to whizz around Harare looking at every car available.

The lads returned with these two in tow:

The Nissan X Trail 2005 is the new love of my life, and the Mitsubishi Pajero 1994 is the new love of Will’s life.

All here are agreed that the Pajero outshines the X Trail for sheer coolness.

The only issue with my X Trail is a language barrier, so if anyone knows how to change the 2005 model from speaking Japanese to English let me know.

Fun facts about buying a car in Zimbabwe include the need to get new wheels, and new number plates.

Another fun fact includes the complete absence of any restraint laws for children. You basically retrain your children however you wish.

Both cars will be well tested by tomorrow, as Will took off with his Godfather, Corky, on a two-day road trip to Victoria Falls today.

Kepler and I will follow by plane on Saturday.

Aside from that, bank accounts, phone accounts, phones, car paper work and insurance are all nearly done thanks to Will.

With that, it’s time for more car pictures!

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