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Home, sweet home

August 30, 2018

We made it! It has been a long journey. Nine months in boxes, three house moves, four days in transit, a week in Harare, but we are finally at home in Victoria Falls.

Will and Uncle Corky came up two days before Kepler and I, driving the cars up with a bunch of furniture.

They also got cracking on the pool fence which is now fully finished and keeping little man safe.

By the way, if you are ever wondering what happened to those classic old Boeing 737’s with ash trays in the arm rests and giant blue leather seats I can tell you; Air Zimbabwe bought them.

They might shake a bit but they still go, if you are wondering.

Anyway, I arrived to a fully functional house complete with bed in spare room, thanks to the lady whose old house we are in. She shall remain nameless as I don’t think she’s the sort to be too public, but suffice to say several meals were in the fridge, our kitchen has all we need, and we even have a spare bed, not to mention towels, shampoo, conditioner and soap.

She has told us it will remain furnished and functional with her stuff until ours arrives. What a welcome to Victoria Falls.

We honestly could not have had a softer landing here, and we are VERY grateful.

Soon, I will meet our domestic employees, otherwise known as a gardener and a maid…CONTROVERSIAL!!! I’ll explain in the next few posts why we have made this decision, but suffice to say for now it has to do with unemployment levels in this country.

But first, it is Sunday tomorrow, so we are off to check out the local church. It will be a little different from our 500-strong congregation at home filled with family members

Rumour has it we will be meeting with 15 others mostly over the age of 60!

2 thoughts on “Home, sweet home

  1. Anonymous says:

    Hello family! Lovely to hear you’ve arrived safely and that everyone has been so welcoming. I expect you’ll all take bit of time to get over the big move. Spring is here in Cambridge although we still have some cold mornings, not quite ready to risk planting tomatoes but soon. I scattered a packet of lobelia seeds where we took off a piece of the side garden so I could back out safely now that I’ve been relegated to the tricky side of the garage, as Ken has a new (well, different, not brand new but too nice to scrape on the side) and am hoping they’ll eventually drape over the edge in a breath-taking display of blue and white which will attract a cloud of bees and help save the planet. What a long sentence and of course all that will only happen if i can just persuade Miss Pussy that she really doesn’t want to sleep on that particular patch of the garden.Anyway, enough waffling, please give Kepler a big hug from both of us, think of you often.

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    1. Thanks Jan, will do and it is so nice to hear from you and hear how everything is going over your way. xx


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