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The first downer

September 1, 2018

I have to confess today (Sunday) was a tough day.

It started with church at 8am. We walked into a room full of couches, over which roughly 15 grey heads peeped.

Kepler was the only child by a looooonnnnggg shot, and there was only one other person younger than 60 in the crowd.

We sang from a stereo up front, and with every word I felt my heart sink as I wondered how Kepler would grow up missing out on one of the great joys of having a church family-loads of aunties, uncles and ready made friends.

While the people were nice enough (and I will one day laugh at this blog when I have know and loved them for years), it was tough knowing there wasn’t a single other young mum who could really relate to me and help me out as I settled into Vic Falls.

It turns out I needn’t have worried, but more on that in another blog.

We invited the other young person (of about 40) for lunch, and headed off to the supermarkets to get supplies…that’s when I got the second shock.

The produce section looked like a mass death scene. The veggies were literally rotting in pile.

When I went to look for shampoo and conditioner, I found a HUGE section of body moisturiser:

And only one tiny shelf of hair products, most of which were two-in-one hair washes. The top shelf in the pic below is the hair stuff.

Suffice to say I had a good cry when I got home, then Phil Wannel came over for lunch…and we had a BLAST!

We clicked with him instantly and had great chats. He even lingered for a second cup of tea, had hook ups into the mums crowd here, and calmed my nerves over malaria.

Honestly, he saved the day. What was a horrible morning of culture shock turned into a lovely afternoon of friendship that has us feeling there is plenty of space for us in Vic Falls.

2 thoughts on “The first downer

  1. Joan Suisted says:

    Dear Narelle

    I tried to leave a post after your article but can’t get into it as I don’t seem to have the right password. It made me think of Paul – Phil 4:6 “Do not be anxious about anything…. and …my God will meet *all* your needs (19) and His resources are unlimited. But to be honest I would have had exactly the same reaction as you. And I am *still* learning. Keep me on your list please. I shall get Grandpa to read it later on when it is warmer. Overcast and bleak today but hopefully will improve.

    Heaps of love from us both to you all. We miss Kepler!!!! And both of you.

    Grandma Joan


    1. Thanks Grandma, I haven’t had quite such a down moment since, which is nice. We are definitely feeling more settled, and currently have Oupa with us. He is enjoying seeing Kepler for the first time in about a year. Oupa will leave and Mum and Dad will arrive on the same day!! Love you lots, and will keep in touch. xx


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