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Shongwe is a goer

September 4, 2018

The building at Shongwe Lookout is well underway!

We had our first visit the other day, and Will was champing at the bit to get into things.

About 30 builders seemed to be on site, all kitted out in matching construction gear and ALL going for it.

The foundation for the office and reception area is close to being laid, as are the foundations for all of the rooms.

Yet to be touched is the main house, which still has renters living in it, and the dining/bar area.

Kepler had a blast running around barefoot climbing mountains of sand or whacking everything he could with giant ‘sticks’…until mum ruined the fun.

Keeping shoes on that child is proving to be an exercise in futility.

Anyway, it was wonderful to see Will come alive again. He is slipping back into his African groove no worries, and is already thriving on the idea of the challenge ahead of him. It is very cool for his wife to see!

We are both starting to feel a little more oriented now that we have internet and an idea of where to get everything, which I’ll enlighten you on in my next post.

One thought on “Shongwe is a goer

  1. Joan Suisted says:

    You are certainly settling in and adjusting very quickly. We look forward to your posts. It will be great being able to share everything with Mum & Dad. Love to them and to you three


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