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We have pets

September 11, 2018

Soooo many pets. But no dog. We are still waiting for a labrador to have puppies, so that we can collect one for Kepler.

In the meantime we do have plenty of animals to keep us going.

First up, Shylock the Tortoise. We so named him for his tendency to hide whenever he senses, well, us. To be honest I’m still wondering if we shouldn’t call him Sonic for his ability to rapidly disappear.

Next, Penelope, Clarence and Josephine the Guinea Fowl.

They are ridiculous.

Will also managed to catch a picture of our elusive Trumpeter Hornbill’s, Donald or Melania. It is hard to tell which is which from so far.

Technically, these guys aren’t pets, but they basically live here so I’m claiming them.

Finally, we have some fruit bats, also elusive, that tend to serenade us to sleep with a rhythmic squeak that sounds like, in the words of Oupa, someone is trying to blow up a bicycle tyre.

They are not really pets either, but they haven’t left the property since we got here, so I’m claiming them too.

That’s our collection so far, not to mention the ants whom I have been battling since we arrived, with success, because I remembered them from my Ivory Coast days. If it fits in the freezer or fridge, it goes in the freezer or fridge. From flour to fruit to biltong.

One thought on “We have pets

  1. Jan says:

    Nice. Want a cat? I’m thinking of boxing up Miss Fussy-pants and sending her over. She’s now rejected all except one flavour of the expensive sachets in the pretty box, that one, of course, being the one you can’t buy individually. I open a tin of jellimeat…mmmm…the jelly’s nice but she’ll only have a teaspoon of the meat part. Liver? Well yes, but is it dark enough? Are the cubes I’ve cut so lovingly small enough? Mince then? Well, yes, but only a tiny bit thank you, and not nearly enough to stop her winding around my ankles and meowing piteously that she’s hungry! We love her to pieces but she’s driving me crazy. Like I said…”want a cat?”


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