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Finding our feet (and avocados)

September 16, 2018

So after a couple of weeks in Vic Falls I feel like I’m finding my feet.

I can find everything I need for the immediate future, and we are starting to think about what comes next.

Things like sourcing furniture, stuff for an office, and how to make our house look like home.

I’m even driving both my car and Will’s, whipping around the local roads avoiding potholes, other drivers reversing from any angle, animals, pedestrians and humps.

We’ve learnt that the loud ‘CRACK’ followed by a thud is a Tik tree pod exploding and falling to the ground.

We have learned to expect the sound of helicopters carting tourists over the Falls most days, and the Steam Train hooting throughout the evening as the drivers earn spare change letting tourists into the drivers’ seat…who would do that?

We know that jumping in the deep end of our pool will result in body freeze, despite the 30+ degree Celsius temperatures (tragedy). We have been told in hot season (next month), we will be glad for it being a “colder pool” (read FREEZING!!!).

We have even contemplated murdering our Guinea fowl at 2am when they wake us up squawking. In the end we gave them back to their old owner.

We have had our first, honoured guest in Will’s Oupa, and even caught up with Uncle Tertius and Aunty Erica who live 20 mins across the border in Livingstone, Zambia.

The best thing about Aunty Erica is that she always exclaims ‘sherbert!’ because she doesn’t swear, but she is a blackbelt in Karate.

But perhaps my favourites discovery, after our garden, is these babies:

GIANT AVOCADOS!! We have basically eaten them non-stop for lunch since we got here, since they are 99 cents per KILOGRAM.

It’s probably about time to show you around the house and garden next, so stay tuned.

2 thoughts on “Finding our feet (and avocados)

  1. Joan Suisted says:

    We think you are doing very well – and we still miss you!!


  2. Natalie Shane Andrew says:

    Man I miss Zim avos… and guinea fowl! Love, love, LOVE reading your updates. 🙂


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