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My new name!

September 29, 2018

Hi all,

Just a sneaky post here to explain the sudden name change (which will be followed by a URL change at some point).

It turns out there is a lovely lady here who has an awesome cookbook and brand under “Dusty Road”. I haven’t even met her yet, but out of respect I figured I should find a new name.

Besides that, I have been wanting something that more accurately describes who I am, and what the blog is about.

Hence the little tweak to the top of the page where my blog name is found!


It has been a MAMMOTH job to complete, so now we hope and pray that it is all accepted speedily, so that we can get on with establishing ourselves here. 20180928_153418.jpg

One thought on “My new name!

  1. Natalie Shane Andrew says:

    Aah… was wondering why my inbox had a Zambezi Kiwi in it… but the title was so enticing (and way too coincidental) so I didn’t delete. I like.

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