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Shongwe Lookout update

October 13, 2018

I have learnt something about building a lodge in Victoria Falls. You need lots of water, and if you have that, everything happens very fast.

I mentioned a few posts ago that we were, at one stage, caught between needing to pump our water supply up to Shongwe Lookout for the building to go on, and making sure we had enough for our family (well, not really, but that’s how I felt).

Anyways, the point is Municipal Water was in short supply a couple of weeks ago, thanks to a break down, and no spare pump as the money was all (apparently) spent on cars.

In the end, our gardener Emmanuel came up with the brilliant idea of pumping water up from our tank, under the road (thank you culverts!) and through the neighbours’ property (thank you neighbour!).

That allowed us to all take turns watering cement over the weekend, and supplied enough water to keep the cement coming for the following week.

All of that meant that suddenly a bunch of boring foundations were being turned into rooms! I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves.

While the building is now full steam ahead, we are busy checking over top-secret designs and lists of gear most days.

From the pool to room chairs to the decorative tiles on the shower and pattern at the bar…it’s super fun having a bit of creative control and working with an expert to get everything looking AWESOME. I can’t wait to see the final result.

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