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November 9, 2018

I’ve finally nicked the computer for a few minutes while Will argues with Wellington, the clearing agent, about our container.

For two weeks he has been telling us the papers to collect our container will be ready “tomorrow”. Suffice to say fuses are running short! Add to that a hectic amount of paperwork urgently needing to be done for Shongwe, and you have a very busy Will/computer.

Anyways, far more important updates are needed. Like this one about our pets!

I can’t remember if I told you all, but we had three Guinea Fowl for a while. The idea was lovely, but the reality was…well, noisy. Basically, it was that same feeling you get when you are really wrapped up in a serious moment at the movies, and the chicks in the row behind you are having a good, loud gossip. Except you are living with it. All the time.

So the Guinea Fowl went home, and we got Rocco, the rescue dog.

As you all know he joined us about a month ago. He was as timid as could be to start with, so it is INCREDIBLE to see him bound around our garden begging to play.

He was pretty defensive for a while there…poor Shylock could hardly move without Rocco sending up a Foghorn-decibel level warning, and throwing his body between Shylock and I. Shylock, to his credit, took it all in his stride and didn’t even pop back into his shell. He just kept munching his grass and throwing irritated looks at Rocco.

We’ve also since discovered that there is a Mrs Shylock, whom I haven’t managed to photograph yet.

Then, on Tuesday, little Simba joined us. He is already living up to his name, running around the place as boldly as a lion, and taking on Rocco whenever the much bigger, older puppy is trying to sleep! Rocco, by the way, means “to roar”, and he has unfortunately been living up to that too, lately. I need to mention that we meant the name to be metaphorical – as in he would one day roar in victory over the damage done to him by his abuse.

Kepler is loving having a smaller dog around, and has also taken to walking around naked a lot of the time…so I’m sorry for the following photo. I’ve chosen the least revealing!

So, we are, as you can see, a relatively happy family, except for the fact that I’ve discovered I’m allergic to dogs. Thank goodness for large doses of Vitamin C, and the ensuing nostril clear up it produces in these situations.

Oh, and the tortoises have tics. How you are meant to use the powder tic treatment we have found on an animal that hides in its shell whenever you approach is beyond me, but we shall persevere!

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