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Cholera and containers

November 14, 2018

A few of you have been asking how I am, so I thought it was time for a quick general update.

Basically, I have definitely survived Cholera…if it was Cholera. I had the one day of horrible, runny tummy, and then I was on the road to recovery. Really, the only scar was a bit of weight loss, which I ordinarily wouldn’t complain about, except that it came on the back of already needing to put weight on.

So, I am undergoing the grueling process of trying to put weight on. It’s tough, but someone HAS to eat that extra chocolate or consume the final cookie, you know?

Other than that, Will did arrive back from Harare yesterday (always a bonus when the flight arrives not on time, but on the correct day, here). Unfortunately, it was without the container. Again.

BUT we did make some important progress and I do think we are not far away now. Within a week I’m hoping we will have the container up here, and I’m a pessimist so if I feel hopeful the signs must be good.

Finally, I would like to tell you all about a new business I’ve opened up, which is exclusive to two customers.

This is Nellie’s Salon.


Basically, I cut all sorts of hair, so long as it is Will’s or Kepler’s. As you can see the customers arrived deeply unhappy with the state of their hair.

Here are the after shots:

I’m rather chuffed with the results, given that it was my first time ever attempting a real haircut. By the way, I don’t actually know why we decided to risk this…there are plenty of hair salons in Victoria Falls!

2 thoughts on “Cholera and containers

  1. Maida says:

    Absolutely love your blog !!!
    Lots if things I can really picture .. We are delighted with Rach & Bens news.We just love hving Rach here for Dans fabulous wedding!! Such fun!!We miss you but life’s chalenges are very important to increase character !!! Love to you all


    1. Thanks Maida, glad the wedding went well and we are looking forward to a video catch up with Rach soon to hear all about everything xx


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