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Seven pounds of news

January 4, 2020

As you all know I was heavily pregnant (unflattering term) when I arrived in New Zealand with Kepler all those weeks ago.

Our little lady was due about four weeks from our arrival in NZ, and Will was due 10 days before bubs.

Both, I am very pleased to announce, made it safely, but the question was always who would make it first?

In the end, it was rather a race to the finish line.

After the hectic journey, both Kepler and I were shattered, and I spent a good two weeks getting over the jet lag.

By the time I emerged from the semi-coma of that jet lag I had two weeks to swan around admiring my beautiful little baby bump, proclaiming how distant it’s disappearance still felt, before Will arrived.

The mythical ‘distant baby’ bump.

This I did to all and sundry. I told my midwife (the amazing Katrina Woodham) baby felt a while off, and probably wouldn’t come before Christmas. I told my friends here and in Zim the same. I told my parents. I told my in-laws. I told the lady at the supermarket check-out.

Then, at 2am on Thursday morning, Will arrived. I was so excited I hadn’t slept. We both crashed and he spent the next day attempting to catch up on sleep.

Will’s arrival at the airport.

I woke up at 1am on Friday morning with a stomach cramp. I grumpily blamed a tummy bug, and went back to bed, restless for the rest of the night with tummy aches.

All of the next day, as Will and I walked around the lake, had our first coffee date together, had our first real conversation, bumped into friends (“when are you due?” “Anytime, but she feels a while off yet!”), climbed 118 stairs out of Lake Te Koutou, I vaguely remember my tummy bothering me.

I finally clicked at 9pm, as I stood rocking back and forth holding my belly.

“Babe, I think I’m in labour,” I said tentatively.

Will looked mortified. “Can you wait till morning?” he asked.

The answer was no. Almost 48 hours to the minute after her father arrived home, little lady was well on her way and not willing to give either of us any sleep. To his great credit, my extremely jet lagged husband managed to hold my hand AND stay awake until the big moment finally arrived.

It came at 7.32am on December 14, with the light of a new day streaming through the window. Little Elodie Joy Henson joined us weighing in at 6lb 11oz, or 3.05kg- almost three years exactly after we had first set our hearts on having another baby.

Everybody cried, and we let our tears wash away the weary waiting of the past few years and usher in the wonder of a new season.

After a couple of days at Waterford Birth Centre enjoying big meals, 24-7 midwife support, and our own room, it was back home. Mum and dad have been heroes, cooking, cleaning, washing and taking Kepler at all hours, so that we have been able to enjoy the adjustment, and wee man has been able to cope with losing all the attention after four years as an only child!

Waterford Birth Centre and one sleeping husband

So there you have it. Will won the race by the skin of his teeth in his usual style, and we are settling in to being a family of four before beginning the next adventure; flying back around the world with a preschooler and a six week old!

9 thoughts on “Seven pounds of news

  1. Cherie says:

    Congratulations Narelle and family! Enjoy this time and all the best for your journey xx


  2. Anonymous says:

    Champions!All of you! Well done guys, what a treat she looks. All the best for the next few weeks. Love from the Bridges


  3. Rich Hulley says:

    Congratulations guys! That’s amazing news. Looking forward to seeing you all. Well done Jamie for all your hard work!


  4. Renee Thorsvik says:

    Oh my life, I’m so glad he made it! What a whirlwind. Congratulations! She’s beautiful 😍


  5. Ann Bower says:

    Congratulations to you both. No wonder you sounded a wee bit weary in your message to your folks on their 40th anniversary!! Welcome to the world, little Elodi Joy, I would love to meet you! I hope your trip back to Zims will go well. Tons of love to all of you.


  6. Shane Joubert says:

    Congratulations to all of you may she be a blessing to you. Safe and peaceful travels when you head home.


  7. Carolie Andrew says:

    A very big congratulations to you all! God bless and God speed as you go back home and wishing you a happy new year


  8. Viki Johnson says:

    Love love love this.

    So when do you leave.
    I need a cuddle before you go.

    Tears in my eyes that she is here and so perfect. She is such a blessing and will be to many.



    1. Thanks Viki! What a special part you got to play in it all as well! Very appropriate given you are children’s pastor, I think. We leave Jan 28, so let’s definitely cuddle before then 😂. Jokes, you can cuddle Elodie. Everyone else seems to mean her as well.


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