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A MASSIVE thank you, friends

June 27, 2020

Last month I published a blog about what happens when COVID hits a developing country.

The thrust of it was that the actual health threat posed by COVID was and remains nothing in comparison to the famine crisis the global economic shutdown has kicked off for countries like ours.

The latest figures from worldometre show that 12 people have died of starvation this year for every person who has died from Coronavirus. That gap is likely to get much worse in coming months.

A number of you responded asking how to help, so we pointed people in two directions: Jafuta Foundation and Greenline Africa Trust.

A MASSIVE thank you to those of you who donated.

Jamie (or Will, for anyone outside of Zimbabwe 🙄) managed to get out with Greenline Africa a couple of weeks ago to see where that money went.

Below is the video we put together. We will keep you all updated over the coming months, and I’ll try to get back into a bit more blogging now that Elodie has started sleeping more than half an hour during the day!

2 thoughts on “A MASSIVE thank you, friends

  1. Cameron says:

    Its great to see what they are doing at Greenline Africa in this video. I think the mobile health clinic they mention they are raising funds for will make a huge difference for the area.


    1. Thanks Cam- I’m sure it will too. Hope you guys are well.


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