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Welcome to Shongwe Lookout!

For those of you wondering, Shongwe is the Shona word for Victoria Falls. It means “Rainbow”, appropriate given that at certain times of the day the mist at the Falls shimmers with rainbow after rainbow.

“Shongwe Lookout will be a new boutique accommodation offering in the low density residential area of Victoria Falls town. It will boast 23 spacious, luxurious rooms nestled beneath tall trees in a tropical garden setting. Rooms will be furnished with all the modern comforts and finished with the charms of distinctive African décor. Patrons will enjoy an infinity pool, a cocktail bar and a restaurant. Unique to Shongwe is the lookout tower, which will allow our guests to take in sweeping vistas of the Zambezi river, the falls’ spray and the town.”

Shongwe 6The Lookout will provide mid-range accommodation in a market currently saturated with backpacker and US$600-per-night accommodation. In other words, Victoria Falls is the Queenstown of Zimbabwe – a tourist mecca with prices to match. Our goal is to provide top quality accommodation without breaking the bank.

We’re pretty excited about it, but of course there is a lot to get our heads around.

As manager, Will will be hiring staff, training them, choosing and setting up IT systems, getting all manner of paper work sorted, finding suppliers and figuring out how to fix stuff when it goes wrong (hire someone…).

The gardens and trees will be a lot more prevalent than this pic shows. The designer had to strip it back so we could see how the set up would look!

Shongwe 4

The build got underway a few months ago, with a local project manager handling things at the Victoria Falls end until we arrive in August.

Our location is fantastic – the Lookout will be in town, close to supermarkets, medical centres, restaurants, a local brewery that would give Good George a run for its money, and of course, the Falls.

Best of all (as far as I’m concerned) the Lookout will be just around the corner from where we live, no more than 100m.

Make sure you follow our blog to how the project goes!


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